PVC and P&G faders

a quick look inside

Note: Usual disclaimer, don't ruin your equipment, stay away if you're clueless with a screwdriver. (click thumbnails for larger pictures)
This is just to give a peep inside the two most popular faders around, the Penny & Giles and the Vestax PVC fader. For mods and hacks, check Asisphonics and Djbattle.
Let's start with the P&G. This particular unit got the Stanton brand and the Stanton resistor board screwed on to it. For use in Vestax simply bypass the resistors by plugging straight into the fader.
Opening up is dead simple, just unscrew the two screws on one side.
Remove the plastic dust guard and you're ready to lube the glide rail. Use a tiny amount of cailube 100% droplets for best results.
All removed, shows off the tension/contact prongs. Note the blue board inside the fader, this is where the actual conducting elements are hidden. If you need to clean these plastic strips, use luke warm water with a tiny bit of soap - nothing stronger! Isopropanol eats the plastic and can easily render the fader useless.
Another pic.
This is the newest generation Vestax PVC fader.
To gain access to the internals, cut the metal bit in the middle on the rear of the fader.
Use a flat screwdriver to open the sides of the fader case.
Inside! Note the hacked metal plate, it's sawed down to save weight. If you just need to lube it, apply a tiny bit of cailube to the upper rail and put it back together.
To get it further disassembled, use the screwdriver to pry the small metal bits holding the gliding rails open.
Ready for the final opening stage.
The contact/tension prongs on display. Insert more washers of the same size as the rubber ones already installed to get a shorter cut in time on the fader. A softish washer will get rid of the hard metal click often associated with Vestax mixers.
Bend the metal bits back again to secure the glide rail, slide the case on and it's all wrapped up again.

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Andreas Nordenstam October 2004
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